Fermented and Clarified Red Habanero
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Fermented and Clarified Red Habanero

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Unlocking and preserving the intense flavors of habanero through natural fermentation.

This batch started with the habaneros being mashed and allowed to ferment in a glass vessel. After 3 weeks of lacto-fermentation, a little distilled vinegar was added to infuse. Once it was developed and homogenized through the passing of even more time, the mash was clarified and packed into 2oz vials (which include droppers for precise administration of the product).

Use on delicate salads, like an herb salad, or in a green papaya salad, Or a sweet tropical fruit salad, by itself or in a dressing.

Use as a cocktail modifier: would work particularly well in refreshing cocktails, i.e. Paloma. I'd also recommend using it in certain booze forward cocktails like a Oaxacan Old Fashioned.

Use on a noodle/rice bowl

Use on a cheez-it®

Use in a hot chocolate

Use on pizza

Use on poutine

Mix with malt vinegar and dip french fries in that