Hoagie Spread (15oz)
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Hoagie Spread (15oz)

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The only naturally fermented hoagie spread I've ever seen.

Primarily made from peppers sourced from Heritage Farm. Blended and aged with onions and garlic. Softer acidity than the store bought alternatives that are cooked with distilled vinegar. Also, crazy flavor from the wonderful chili blend (not just cherry peps like you'd find at Acme (nothing against cherry peps, i love them, they're some in this hoagie spread for good reason).

Put it on hoagies, or anything else, like subs, grinders, heroes, po' boys, paninis, burgers, banh mi's, or whatever.

Nice kick but not overwhelmingly hot.

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Ingredients: Pepper blend (featuring Jimmy Nardello, Iberian Cayenne, Chili de Agua, and Madhatter peppers grown on Heritage Farm in West Philly) Onion, Sea Salt, Garlic. 

Product needs to be kept refrigerated to avoid a buildup of pressure.