Farewell Message

After 3+ years of fermenting and pickling, Fishtown Ferments is closing up shop. Big thank you to all the grocery buyers, kitchen managers, farmers' market regulars, heat-freaks, business owners, and friends who supported us.

To anyone looking for some help starting their own food business, putting together a HACCP, setting up fermentation systems, trying to figure out packaging, or dealing with the Philly health dept., let me know and I'll tell you about how I did it.

Fermenting at home and looking for some pointers? Check out this write up I did compiling the ideas I've found most hopeful. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have other questions.

I've sourced from some awesome farms over the past few years, here's a list of some of my favorites; track them down at farmers' markets in the Philly area:



Germantown Kitchen Garden

Three Springs


Potato Homestead

I've been surrounded by some extremely talented producers; be on the lookout for these standouts:

The Pasta Lab

Ursa Bakery

Nilaa Coffee

Crocus Eatery

Terra Luna Herbals

The biggest shoutout goes to the folks at Riverwards Produce. Fishtown Ferments wouldn't have been possible without them. They do a wonderful job supporting local farms and brands. Be sure to check out their new store in Old City.

Last shoutouts: you should go to Herman's CoffeeV Marks the ShopPrimal SupplyTattooed Mom, and Heavy Metal Sausage, these are special spots that Philly is lucky to have.

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Put a pickle on it,