Q: So, like, how long do your products last?

A: Generally, our kraut, kimchi, and pickles taste best if consumed within six months of being packaged, opened or unopened. Each batch is marked accordingly. Raw, fermented vegetables can last much longer, and don’t really go bad, but their flavor, crunchiness, acidity, etc. will continue to change over time. Kimchi can really change in old age, getting real sour and looking less pretty, but the stuff is edible AF. TBH, at that point, I'd be more likely to use it in Kimchi Jjigae or a stir fry. FTR, sometimes we crack open our personal stash of 3+ year old sunchoke kimchi and marvel at how dope it still is.

Q: Yo dudes, my kimchi jar had a bulging lid, and when I opened it, it exploded out a little bit, and it was kinda fizzy, WTH?

A: Sorry if it caused a mess! Our products are live, raw foods, so they're actually still fermenting. Some batches are more active than others. Even when kept at cold temps, CO2 is trapped and pressure builds up. This is natural, the product is all good, and now you know you got some real enzyme rich food in your hands. In the future, maybe take precautions and crack open your jar over a sink. 

Q: Your label says I should keep my jar in the refrigerator. What if I don't feel like it, how long can it be out before it goes bad?

A: Fermentation is a traditional way to preserve vegetables that predates refrigeration. Keeping our ferments cool in the fridge is less about food safety and more about the best way to prolong the best flavor and crunch. As mentioned above, warmer temperatures can also create fizzy jars and bulging lids and explosions. Our products are kept cold throughout the supply chain and we recommend maintaining that once you get them home. That said, travel time from the market or a few hours out on the counter isn’t really a problem.